First Digital Museum of Mongolia

Art & Culture
2023-01-10 08:07:58

Orkhon /MONTSAME/. Mongolia’s first digital museum is located in Erdenet city. The museum project started in 2020 to preserve the historical development and path of Erdenet Mining Corporation as valuable exhibits.

There are six halls in the museum including the Mining of Mongolia, Digital Information, Historical Path, Technologies and Innovations, Socially Responsible Erdenet Corporation, and Our Pride. These halls exhibit over 160 books, 1000 exhibitions, 200 video contents, and tangible and intangible heritages related to the 40 years of history, research, and development and prosperity of Erdenet Mining Corporation. Moreover, rare historical pieces of the first citizens and pioneers of Erdenet city have been displayed at the museum.

With the help of the modern tech innovations introduced in the museum such as a 3D hologram table, VR headsets, digital kiosk for exhibit description, 270-degree virtual room, smart vibrating floor with sound frequency sensor, 360-degree holographic display, and 10-point multi-touch screen, visitors can feel like they are in the heading of an open-pit mine, in the belAZ excavator, and the mining shops of Erdenet Mining Corporation, and experience the real-time open-pit mine blasting with a 270-degree screen and the smart floor that vibrates with the sound frequency.