Extrovert Students Tend to be More Creative

2023-01-16 19:31:06

Ulaanbaatar, Jan 16 /MONTSAME/. “Solving the burning problem of Education", The 5th academic conference is being held today. 


B. Dorj (Ph.D) of Mongolian State University of Education speaks about the results of the Comparative Study on Personality and Intelligence with Soft Skills”.


Around 2.489 students from the National University of Mongolia, Mongolian State University of Education, and the Universities of Khovd and Dornod aimags took the test. 


Test results showing that some skills are connected to the other ones. Such as: Conflict resolution goes with Communication and Creativity, Friendliness and Leadership, Communication and Decision making, Logic and Mathematical skills... etc.


The eight types of intelligence described by Hovard Gardner, the professor of Harvard include:

1.Linguistic intelligence

2. Logical-mathematical intelligence.

3. Spatial intelligence

4. Musical intelligence

5. Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence.

6. Interpersonal intelligence. 

7. Intrapersonal intelligence

8. Naturalistic intelligence.


Over 2000 students took the test with 40 questions and the average Naturalistic intelligence was the highest (15.6), while the Spatial intelligence was the lowest (15.2).


Compared to students from other countries, Mongolian students have much higher Naturalistic Intelligence as the test results suggest.


It’s very important to combine the education system with the individual’s psychological differences.


Everybody has a different psyche. The main problem is how to ensure the coordination between these differences and the education system. There are 5 personalities due to this test. 

  1. extraversion 
  2. agreeableness, 
  3. openness, 
  4. conscientiousness 
  5. neuroticism

According to the Big 5 test result, the average student on agreeableness has the highest score (5.04), on critical thinking has the lowest score (17.9). 

Soft skills are personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. Such as: Problem-solving, Conflict resolution, Creativity, Leadership, Self-control, Teamwork…etc


Although it may take time and effort to detect these skills, there are some soft skills to achieve personal achievements, such as Communication, Active listening, Empathy, etc.


Nowadays employers tend to focus on the soft skills of employees. There's a saying that “Hire for Attitude, Train for Skills”.