President Khurelsukh: We Agreed to Upgrade the Bilateral Relations to Strategic Partnership

2023-05-22 07:35:41

Ulaanbaatar, May 22, 2023 /MONTSAME/. Upon the official talks of the Presidents of Mongolia and France at the State Palace and exchange of views on relations and cooperation between the two countries, the Presidents briefed the media. We present the full transcript of President U. Khurelsukh’s speech:

 "Honorable President Emmanuel Macron,

Dear Press representatives,

Good evening to all of you.

I have held official talks with President of France Emmanuel Macron, who is on a State Visit to Mongolia. It is concluded that the official talks have been highly significant and effective. Mongolia considers France as our third neighbor and a close and trusted partner in Europe. Our two countries established diplomatic relations in 1965, but the historical relationship between Mongolia and France dates back to the 13th century. For example, in 1253, Rubruk, a messenger who was appointed by the order of King Louis IX of France, came to Kharkhorum of the Mongol Empire to meet the great Khaan. His notes on the travels through the Mongol Empire are famous worldwide. A silver tree made by French artist Wilhelm Bouchied in the royal palace of Kharkhorum city was mentioned in the notes, which proves that the relationship between our two countries has a long history.

France has consistently supported our country since our applying for membership in the United Nations and recognized Mongolia's independence. France is one of the countries that has supported in all respects the democratic changes and reforms that have taken place in our country since the 1990s. The state visit of President of France Emmanuel Macron to Mongolia is historic, for being the first visit of Head of State of France in the history of relations and cooperation between our two countries.

Honorable President, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you on behalf of the people of Mongolia.

During the official talks, we engaged in a thorough exchange of views on the bilateral relations and cooperation between Mongolia and France, as well as pressing issues of international relations. We earnestly conveyed our firm commitment to diligently collaborate in fostering global peace and security.

Furthermore, we discussed advancing the longstanding friendly relations between the two countries, with the overarching objective of attaining a strategic partnership. Within the framework of Mongolia's partnership and cooperation agreement with the European Union, augmenting trade and economic collaboration with France, fostering increased investment, and expanding mutually beneficial cooperation are recognized as pivotal strategies and objectives of our country's foreign policy.

During the meeting and talks, the Heads of State affirmed to jointly implement mutually beneficial and strategic projects, which symbolize the relations between the two countries, and further expand the relations in agriculture, energy, environment, health, disaster management, culture, education, communication and science sectors.

Within the framework of fulfilling the commitment under Paris Agreement to combat climate change the two sides agreed to cooperate in renewable energy and nuclear energy fields. We also agreed on the joint realization of Mongolia's national satellite program in conjunction with France.

We have reached an agreement to cooperate by synergizing the "One Billion Trees" National Campaign, which was initiated by the President of Mongolia, with the aim of addressing climate change and mitigating the adverse effects of greenhouse gas emissions and French initiatives put forth by the President of France during the One Forest Summit.

In accordance with the overarching goal of "Food Supply and Security," a mutual agreement has been reached to provide substantial backing to foster export oriented production of food and agricultural products. Additionally, concerted efforts will be made to prepare professionals in the domains of intensive animal husbandry, food, and biotechnology and to introduce a new technologies and know-how.

The exhibition titled "How Chinggis Khan Changed the World" will be presented at the National History Museum of France in October of this year. Gratitude was expressed to the French Government for its support and collaboration in making this event possible.

During our discussions on international relations and multilateral cooperation, a wide range of topics were addressed, including making contribution to UN peacekeeping operations to foster sustainable development, to prosperity founded on human rights and democratic principles, the promotion of feminist foreign policy and expanding the cooperation of the two countries to achieve common national and global objectives such as prevention of weapons of mass destruction proliferation, and the fight against terrorism.

I extended congratulations to the people of France, who will be hosting the upcoming "Paris-2024" Summer Olympic Games, and wished them great success. The joint declaration issued by Mongolia and France, which is based on our talks and mutually agreed-upon matters during this state visit, is perceived as a momentous document of historical significance, poised to elevate future cooperation between our two countries to a new level.

Dear President, I extend my sincere wishes for the well-being and prosperity to you and the people of France. May the bilateral relations between our countries continue to thrive and flourish."


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