Comprehensive Edition of “Secret History of the Mongols” Unveiled

2023-11-14 16:08:27

Ulaanbaatar, November 14, 2023 /MONTSAME/. To commemorate “National Pride Day,” which celebrates the 861st Anniversary of the birth of the Great Chinggis Khaan, President of Mongolia Khurelsukh Ukhnaa initiated the creation of the Comprehensive Edition of "Secret History of the Mongols,” which was officially launched at the Academic Hall of the National University of Mongolia.

President Khurelsukh attended the book's unveiling, expressing gratitude to the dedicated scientists and researchers who contributed to the development of Mongol studies. The President of Mongolia highlighted the significance of their work in the realm of "Secret History of the Mongols" studies.

At the Opening Ceremony, President Khurelsukh said, "I am confident that this work will glorify the history and great heritage created by Chinggis Khaan and his successors and will make a profoundly significant contribution to strengthening national unity. I am delighted to present to everyone "Wisdom of Chinggis Khaan," a compilation of the enduring principles that the Great Khaan imparted throughout his life. He educated not only his sons, daughters, lieutenants, and military generals but also his entire populace on proper conduct for the body, language, and mind and how to reform their country, on the occasion of this historic day. We, Mongolians, should honor and uphold the teachings of this remarkable emperor as our moral, professional, and life aspirations." 

The introductory section of the Comprehensive Edition of "Secret History of the Mongols" provides accessible knowledge for general understanding. However, in the main part, the original text is written in Traditional Mongol script and in Cyrillic, and its meaning is explained in a way that is understandable to the public. This work has become the “Secret History of the Mongols” that covers the most aspects and has the most explanations, delving into aspects of geography, nomenclature, linguistics, source studies, history, ethnology, and cultural studies, offering approximately 4,300 explanations related to historical terms, over 400 historical figures, states, tribes, titles, events, customs, weapons, and place names.

This book was meticulously crafted over a year by a team of 25 scholars from the fields of Mongolian history, language, culture, literature, source studies, geography, and nomenclature. The history research team was headed by Ph.D., Professor Ts. Tserendorj, and the language research team was guided by People's Teacher, State Prize Laureate Sh. Choimaa.

The "Secret History of the Mongols" covers the life and deeds of Chinggis Khaan, his successors, more than four hundred historical figures, the state of Great Mongolia, foreign relations, conquests, nomadic life, language, religion, and customs. Recognized as an invaluable source of history, language, culture, and literature, this work eloquently addresses a wide range of issues in both Mongolian and Eurasian history. In 1989, the UNESCO Executive Board urged the international celebration of the 750th anniversary of the creation of the "Secret History of the Mongols." “Secret History of the Mongols” was translated into more than 30 languages, including Kazakh, Hungarian, Marathi, Russian, Persian, Polish, Korean, Tibetan, Tuva, Turkish, French, Chinese, Czech, Esperanto, Japanese, and printed over than 150 times in more than 30 countries.

The exploration of the era of the Mongol Empire is closely tied to the "Secret History of the Mongols." Consequently, scholars have delved into various facets of this period, including language, history, culture, oral literature, and written works.