This Week in Mongolia

2024-03-04 08:08:51

Ulaanbaatar, March 4, 2024 /MONTSAME/. Summary of events for the week of March 4 – 10, 2024.

In Ulaanbaatar:

March 4: An international conference with the participation of UN representatives on the topic of return of assets stolen due to corruption will begin at the Independent Authority Against Corruption of Mongolia.

March 4-5: "Educational Transformation in Mongolia 2024" National Forum will be held at the Central Cultural Palace.

March 5: The 3rd consultation meeting of the organizations implementing the Parliamentary Resolution No. 36 "On Certain Measures to be Taken to Ensure Food Supply and Security" will be held at the State Palace.

March 5: "Forest 9+" National Conference of the forestry sector will be held.

March 5: The State Property Agency will organize a meeting and discussion regarding the contract to be concluded between the customer and the selected participant in accordance with the state procurement the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

March 6: The regular meeting of the Cabinet will be held at the State Palace.

March 6: "National Journalism-111" annual holiday meeting will be held at the Children's Palace of Mongolia.

March 7: "EMPOWERING WOMEN 2024 | Trade Tech Talent" event will be held on the occasion of International Women's Day.

March 8: “Hurd” band's annual International Women's Day concert "Busgui" will be held at UG Palace.

March 9-10: As part of the “Years to Visit Mongolia,” the “Eagle Festival” will be held for the 18th year at the Chinggis Khaanii Khuree Complex.

March 10: Mongolian People's Actor, Opera Singer Amartuvshin Enkhbat, recipient of the “The Lyric’s Oscars” award, will present his gala concert on the stage of the State Opera and Ballet Academic Theatre.


- "Museum Week" will continue.

- In the Fine Arts Zanabazar Museum, the exhibition "Women's Portrait Art: From the Museum's Valuable Collection" continues.

- Registration for "Student Soldier" is ongoing.

- On the stage of Ulaanbaatar theatre, the classical drama "Cleopatra" is being presented.

- Lyrical drama "The Brightly Dressed Woman" continues on the stage of the Central Cultural - Palace of Confederation of Mongolian Trade Unions.


Local events:

March 5-6: "Reindeer Festival - 2024" cultural festival will be held in Gurvansaikhan, Tsagaanuur soum, Khuvsgul aimag.

March 5: The National Audit Office in Dundgovi aimag and the State Audit Office in Dundgobi aimag will organize a discussion on "State Audit – In Citizens' Lives".

March 9-10: The Winter Fishing World Championship will be held at Ugiinuur, Ugiinuur soum, Arkhangai aimag.