2015-09-08 19:11:07

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Khan Bank and the Mongolian Golf Association organized the Khan Bank Open 2015 Golf Competition on Sunday, August 23, at the Mount Bogd golf course.

A total of 72 international and domestic golfers from the Golf Association of the Republic of Korea, Kevin.B Club and the Mongolian Golf Association participated in the competition. The winning participants were B.Munkhbaatar, who finished in first place overall, Ts.Munkhgerel, who placed second, and B.Altaibaatar, who achieved third place in the competition. In the Handicap category, G.Tamir came in first place, Yu.Tsolmonbaatar second place and B.Batmunkh third place. A demonstration of a hole-in-one by D.Khatanbaatar also entertained the audience.

The sport of golf teaches players to respect each other, control their emotions and become persistent. As there are many rules for behavior, respect to counterparts and code of conduct in this sport, it requires a high level of ethics. It is also considered to be a gentlemen’s sport that enables players to establish contacts and networks.

The Mongolian Golf Association expressed its appreciation to Khan Bank for its valuable contribution to the sport of golf in Mongolia, reports Khan Bank

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