Study of Gerege--World’s first diplomatic passport--advances

Society | Education
2015-10-28 16:42:26

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Mongolia-Iran research team, comprising scholars from two Academies of sciences and educational research centers, are hosting international conference about Gerege, proven to be the world’s first ever version of diplomatic passport.

“Gerege/Paiza–Values of Asian Civilization in the 7-8th Century of Hijry/ 13-14th Century” is taking place these days at the Consensus Hall of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia.

Ilkhanate, a part of the Great Mongol Empire, reigned for a century the land around today’s Islamic Republic of Iran. Abundance of historic artifacts and findings connected with Mongolian arts, culture and tradition is preserved in Iran’s archives. The team worked in Iran last June.

The 14-kilometer long Iranian history archive is accommodating historic findings related to Mongolia, including golden and silver Gereges, golden state seals and coins from the age of Mongol kings, and chinaware dating back to Ilkhanate period.

The scholars’ team has been working to develop a list of these artifacts.

The historians underlined that the Gerege study is essential, as it had served as identity cards and diplomatic passports. The Gerege is an important finding that represents not only Mongolian culture, but also the Asian civilization’s history of 13-14th century, they said.

Scientists from Mongolia, Iran, Japan, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Russia, China, Turkey and India are taking part in the conference.