Printing company donates books to Mongolian schools in USA

Society | Education
2015-11-03 18:02:18

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Ulaanbaatar-based “Mirnom Publishing” LLC has presented 275 books on world and Mongolian classic literature to libraries of Mongolian schools in the USA.

This is how company supports an appeal of Mongolia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) for renovating and enriching libraries of schools for US-based Mongolian children in order to save/keep Mongolian language, culture, history and traditions.

According to statistics, some 30 thousand children are living abroad with their parents with the permanent residence permission. Some concrete works have been launched by the MFA to teach native language, culture and history to the children, and it has been supported by the Unions of Mongolians in some countries and by NGOs.

On Tuesday, the State Secretary of the MFA D.Gankhuyag gave a certificate of gratitude to N.Altankhuu, a representative of the “Mirnom Publishing” LLC.