Nat’l council considers preparation and financing for ASEM Summit

2015-12-03 13:07:10

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ At its 12th meeting on Wednesday, the national council for organization of the 11th ASEM Summit discussed preparation and financing matters for the Summit.

The overall expenses are projected to be financed from the state reserve, financial aid and soft loans from foreign countries. Auto roads will be constructed/repaired along the “Great Mongol Empire” street, the Gandantegchilen monastery, the northern side of Management Academy, the Zaisan road and the Bogd Khaan Mountain.

To run next year in Ulaanbaatar, the 11th ASEM Summit is expected to bring together some 4,000 delegates such as state and governmental leaders from some 50 countries, authorities of international organizations and the media. 


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