M.Zorigt reports at “Hour of Minister” weekly meeting

2015-12-03 14:45:36

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ In order to upgrade a legal environment for the road and transportation sector, the cabinet discussed bills on auto transportation, on auto-road and on railway, and intends to submit their draft new versions to parliament in accordance with concepts.

The Minister of Road and Transportation M.Zorigt said it at the “Hour of Minister” weekly meeting on Thursday.

Several works are being done in his sphere, for example, Mongolia and South Korea agreed to perform direct flights between Ulaanbaatar and Pusan with a Boeing aircraft, he added. A construction of the new international airport in Khoshig Valley is running successfully, with an overfulfillment of 2.9%, the “Chingis Khaan” international airport has been expanded in frames of a  preparation for the 2016 ASEM Summit, the Minister said.

In 2015, construction/repair have been done on 245.18km roads, 694.5m bridges have been erected. In the public transport sector, he went on, shuttle bus line has started between Ulaanbaatar and China’s Erlian. Some 300 middle- and big-size buses will be supplied to inter-city transporting companies, purchased with a low-interest loan from South Korea. In order to promote the registration/control of the inter-city transport, GPS apparatuses have been installed in 930 vehicles, he added.

The Mongolian side signed a document with the Cooperation Bank of Japan on investing construction of 445km road between Tavantolgoi (Omnogobi aimag) and Sainshand soum of Dornogobi aimag, the Minister said.