Law on Surviving Spouse’s Pension adopted

2015-12-03 16:49:05

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ At the afternoon plenary session of December 3, the State Great Khural (parliament) adopted the Law on Surviving Spouse’s Pension, prepared by seven MPs led by S.Erdene, Minister of Population Development and Social Welfare.

The Law is to come into force in 2017. A principally different opinion from the MPs on making the law retrospective back to January 1 of 2012 has been left to be settled by cabinet. Majority of parliament members backed adopting the bill wholly.

The amendments to the Law on Customs were adopted backed by a majority.

S.Odontuya and S.Erdene MPs will call press briefing on December 4 regarding the adoption of Surviving Spouse’s Pension Law.