Prime Minister works at ATC tower

2016-03-31 12:57:18

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Thanks to starting to use Air Traffic Control (ATC) with a radar system, the distance between airplanes flying in Mongolia's airspace has shrunk from 150 to 30 km. Now the radar system has launched using the ADC-D system, so the distance of traffic control has reduced, approaching to international standards.

It was said by a head of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) during a working visit of the Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg at the ATC tower of the Chingis Khaan international airport on Wednesday.

The Premier appreciated an introduction of the new system at ATC, saying Mongolian territories are now able to be observed by a radio locator and satellites. By doing so, a number of flights, races over territories of Mongolia as well as an income from the navigation service will rise, he said.

In terms of geographic location, Mongolia can become the air transportation hub, "foreign airlines have airplanes repair services in Mongolia, and if we make these services regular, a revenue from air transportation will increase, contributing thus to the diversification of our economy," the Premier said. He noted that the governmental decision has been made to construct a repairing hangar and a hub of technical services at the new international airport of UB in Khoshig Valley.

Mr Saikhanbileg highly spoke the techniques and technologies renovation made in the air transportation industry, and added that a matter will be resolved soon to install a radio locator.

In 2015, the number of flights over territories of Mongolia augmented by 4.3 percent thanks to developing the ATC system at a newer level.