Victims of political repression to be compensated until 2020

2018-01-12 13:26:07
Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/ At its January 12 plenary meeting, the Parliament made a final discussion and adopted a Bill to amend the Law on Rehabilitation and Granting of Compensation to Victims of Political Repression.  
During the discussion, members of a working group on the Bill and authorities of the State Commission on Management and Organization Rehabilitation Political Repression (SCMORPR) gave explanations to inquiries of some MPs including S.Byambatsogt.

MP L.Munkhbaatar, head of the working group, said: "A total of about 36 thousand people were reportedly repressed politically. Presently, some 31 thousand victims were rehabilitated. Now, dossiers and documents of remaining 5,000 repressed necessitated to be clarified. The main concept of the Law is to open a legal environment to the repressed people and/or their children to apply to related organization. They are eligible to submit their application to the organization within a term of two years since the Law is passed."
According to the amendment actions of granting compensation shall be complete before December 31, 2020.

Ya.Sanjmyatav, MP and the SCMORPR chairman, explained: "MNT80 million will be compensated to a victim who was sentenced to death and MNT40 million will be granted to a victim who was imprisoned and/or their families and children. First of all, they need to submit application. The related legal organizations will examine the applications and make a final decision after a certain period.”

MP D.Terbishdagva pointed out that it needs to open a museum and carry out awareness activities to prevent from such darkness to happen in the society, alongside granting compensations and rehabilitation of repressed people.     
Following the discussions, the Law was passed with major supports. 
M. Unurzul