Trade Unions protest against changes in tax and retirement age

2018-01-12 15:17:22
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Today the Confederation of Mongolian Trade Unions (CMTU) has organized a protest at Sukhbaatar square opposing the Cabinet’s decision to raise individual income tax and postpone the pension age to 65.

Representatives from 22 trade unions of CMTU, including mining, construction, health and education participated in the protest. International Trade Union’s Asia-Pacific branch sent a message supporting the cause. Message urged the Cabinet to review its decision, which will overburden the citizens in times of economic difficulty. It also expressed its hope that the protest will reach its desired outcome and protect the people’s rights.

CMTU General Secretary G.Adiya  said, “Since 2017, we have been fighting against Cabinet’s wrong decisions. Last year we sent 6 pleas and demands to the Cabinet and the Parliament. Officials failed to respond - therefore we are organizing this protest. If Cabinet does not revoke its decision by the end of this month, we are set to announce a strike. We would like to remind the Cabinet that the strike will reflect negatively on our economy.”

Protesters criticized the fact that if retirement age of people working in hazardous conditions is put off, they will not be able to enjoy the fruits of their work. G.Otgonpurev, machinist at ‘Baganuur’ said, “Miners, who work in difficult conditions retire at the age of 55. Then, they receive pensions for maximum of 2 years until their deaths. If their retirement age is postponed, no one will be able to receive pensions, because they will not be alive. We cannot accept this. If our demands are not answered, we will take drastic measures”   

The protest is also being organized in centers of 21 provinces.