‘Mongolia-Russia Initiative-2018’ kicks off

2018-06-07 20:23:40

The ‘Mongolia-Russia Initiative-2018’ series of events has begun in Ulaanbaatar today, on June 7. The purpose of the event is to enrich the strategic partnership of Mongolia and Russia, promote the development of trade, economic and cultural cooperation, strengthen ties between the two governments and business entrepreneurs, discuss new opportunities for cooperation and improve entities and individuals’ understanding of the other country.

In frames of the ‘Mongolia-Russia Initiative – 2018’ series of events, Mongolia-Russia Economic Forum is taking place in the State Palace. President of Mongolia Kh.Battulga delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the Forum, noting that Mongolia is interested in the intensive development of bilateral and trilateral cooperation with Russia. He emphasized that the enrichment of the strategic partnership of Mongolia and Russia with new economic content is of utmost importance and stressed that the Mongolia-Russia-China Economic Corridor Program needs to be intensified.

At the opening ceremony, Aide to the President of Russia, State Advisor of the Russian Federation I.E.Levitin red the President Vladimir Putin’s letter for the ‘Mongolia-Russia Initiative-2018’. President Vladimir Putin sent his congratulations on opening the important event to promote Russia-Mongolia strategic partnership and highlighted that Russian attaches special significance to the development of Russia-Mongolia relations.


Foreign Affairs Minister of Mongolia D.Tsogtbaatar, Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry B.Batzorig, Russian Ambassador to Mongolia I.K.Azizov and other officials delivered presentations at the general session of the Economic Forum.

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