Minister D.Sumiyabazar attends International Mines Ministers Summit

Economy | Mining
2018-03-07 13:11:23
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Minister of Mining and Heavy Industry D.Sumiyabazar attended the 3rd International Mines Ministers Summit on March 5 in Toronto, Canada.

The Summit brought Ministers responsible for mining from 28 countries including Peru, Russia, Chili, India, Australia, Argentine and Saudi Arabia. The summit highlighted significance of mutual trust between government, public and mining companies to the future development of mining sector and raising contribution of mining to social and economic growth.   

Governments, sectorial organizations, NGOs and local people have important roles for building and keeping trust in exploration and mining sector and they should have aspiration to cooperate all the time in creating trust in mining sector. The attendees agreed that those will be key to create future mining sector and ensure economic growth of the countries that have rich mineral resources.

The summit also stressed that mistrust is a biggest obstacle in investment and the delegates acknowledged the necessity to create new model of cooperation based on trust and common goals.