May 30 events

2018-05-30 10:06:15
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Following event expected on May 30:

9 AM: ‘Railway development and social issues of officials’ national conference on the occasion of 80th
anniversary of railway development in Mongolia to take place at the Tuushin Hotel

9 AM: ‘Plants are basis to existence of life’ theory and practical conference to be held at the Fresh Water Resources and Nature Conservation Center

10 AM: ULAANBAATAR TRAVEL EXPO tourism expo organizers to give information at the National Press Center

10 AM: Citizen Expectation Survey on non-bank financial sector to be introduced at the Financial Regulatory Commission

11 AM: Opening ceremony of cooperation between Canon and Our Few Mongolians project to take place at Monet restaurant, Central Tower

11 AM: 21 volume works of Belarusian humanist, physician and translator Francysk Skaryna to be handed over to the National Library of Mongolia at the Rare and Valuable Books Exhibition Hall

12 AM: Organizers of ‘Rhythm Creation’ dance night to give information at the Mongol News press center

1 PM: Confederation of Mongolian Journalists to host ‘Amendments to Offence Law’ discussion at the Citizen Hall of the capital city

2 PM: Ulaanbaatar city Governor’s Office to introduce website at the Blue Sky Hotel