Mayors of Northeast Asian countries exchanging experiences

2018-06-19 15:24:32
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The Third Northeast Asian Mayors’ Forum is taking place on its second day at the ASEM Villa town.

On the second day of the forum, representatives and mayors of cities are discussing their presentations on guidelines for green city development, problems and technology solution for reducing air pollution and sharing information.

Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of Beijing Municipal People’s Congress (BMPC) Zhang Qing noted that Beijing has set an aim to tackle air pollution before the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. Besides, he thanked the UN, other international organizations and member countries of international communities for working on reducing air pollution. Mr. Zhang Qing said that China would be happy to cooperate with Northeast Asian countries in direction of reducing air pollution.

Chairman of the Citizens’ Representative Meeting of Capital city S.Amarsaikhan said Ulaanbaatar could tackle its priority problems including air, soil pollutions, and dust and greenhouse gas by learning from experiences of developed cities such as Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul and Moscow.”

The feature of the Mayors’ Forum is that the participants have been exchanging their experiences on fundamental environment issues such as combating climate change and reducing air pollution, noted Mayor of Capital city S.Batbold. " We are also taking concrete actions. Last year, Ulaanbaatar city made some achievements towards improving indoor air quality of schools and kindergartens. To reduce carbon dioxide emissions, currently we are installing filtering devises on the tailpipe of buses and studying other citiesexperiences of shifting to electric transportation.” 

Following the Mayor of Ulaanbaatar, Mayor of Ulaan Ude City A.M.Golkov said that air pollution issue is arising in Ulaan Ude due to its location. So, the city is focusing on switching power plant fuel into improved eco and safe fuel in the early stage.

The participants put forward many cooperation proposals  during the two day forum. Vice Mayor I for Administrative Affairs of Seoul Metropolitan Government Yoon Joon Byeong expressed that Seoul is ready to support a Ulaanbaatar city project on introducing new technology targeted to improvement of air quality of the city.

The Third Northeast Mayors’ Forum also laid the foundation of cooperation between the participant cities.  For instance, Ulaan Ude city will open its representative office in Ulaanbaatar and cooperate with Ulaanbaatar in tourism, Seoul city administration invited artists of Ulaanbaatar city to participate in international cultural festival in Seoul.

Moreover,  Chita city of Russian Federation agreed to continue student exchange program of the two countries, and install new-technology improved stoves in schools and kindergartends of its two neighboring aimags - Dornod and Sukhbaatar.