Fourteen political parties submit requests to participate in by-election

2018-08-09 11:24:25
Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/ As of August 7, fourteen political parties officially applied the General Election Commission of Mongolia (GECM) for registration for by-election in the 42nd constituency of parliamentary election, to be run on October 7, 2018.

The parties that have submitted their party resolutions and other related documents to the GEC in accordance with 121st of Law on Election are: the Mongolia People’s Revolutionary Party, National Party of Labor, Democratic Party, World Mongols’ Party, Truth and Righteousness Party, Mongolian People’s Party, Mongolian Green Party, Freedom Implementing Party, Mongolian National Democratic Party, People’s Party, Mongolian Conservative Party, Civil Will-Green Party, ‘Love the People’ Party and Republican Party.
No more requests will be received as it closed on August 7. Within five days after receipt of documents, or before August 12 the GECM will make a decision whether to register the parties and coalition and grant certificates to parties verified.