MIAT opens its own flight training facility

2018-09-22 13:38:51

A new training facility opened at the Mongolian Airlines (MIAT) on September 20. The flight attendants and pilots now have the possibility to take emergency and conventional situation training at home, including rescue, warning and serving passengers. First Deputy Director of MIAT N.Ganbold emphasized that before the training were conducted annually at the ‘Aeroflot ‘ in Russia or ‘Korean Air’ in Korea with 150-200 attendants. He said “Training is essential for ensuring safety and stable operation of aviation companies. In order to achieve this goal, we established the training facility, which will save the training costs abroad and give possibility to get additional revenue by conducting training for foreign aviation companies. The possibility to conduct frequent training at home regardless of time will improve service quality and increase safety level of the national airlines.” Director of the Administration and Management Department at the Civil Aviation Authority T.Batjargal said “The ‘Chinggis Khaan’ airport will be moved to the new international airport at Khushigt Valley soon. Regarding to it, we have submitted a request to make the airport in Buyant-Ukhaa as a training center to the government and capital city authorities. It is possible to use the airport as a local airport and international flight training center.”

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