Calligraphy exhibition to open on National Pride Day

2018-11-02 17:35:45

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The annual ‘Script of the Eternal Sky-2018’ international exhibition is to open along with an exhibition of students’ creations for the occasion of the birth anniversary of Chinggis Khan, the National Pride Day, on October 5.

The Mongolian calligraphy exhibition, which has been organized annually since 2011, will be featuring works of many artists at the Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery. The children’s exhibition is to take place at ‘Ord’ Exhibit Hall of the Junior Center for Creative Arts. The exhibition will take place between October 5-9, free of admission.

On October 7, a discussion will be taking place on the implementation of the 46th Presidential Decree, ‘Advancing the measures to be taken to increase usage of Mongolian script’, which was issued on May 3, 2018. The issue of setting the national standard for the Mongolian script font, the draft of the mid to long term national curriculum of Mongolian script and other draft policies on usage, protection and development of the Mongolian language are to be discussed.