Scientists design a lithium-ion battery

2018-11-13 18:22:55

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Scientists of the Material Studies Laboratory of the Institute of Physics and Technology have invented a design for lithium-ion battery, ready for manufacturing. Head of Solid State Physics Laboratory L.Sarantuya said, “Batteries are a possible solution to the issue of creating a low cost energy resource that is environmentally friendly. We are currently working towards the goal of developing a technology for the production of lithium-ion batteries.”

For the occasion of the Scientific Workers’ Day of Mongolia, the Institute of Physics and Technology at the Mongolian Academy of Sciences organized an open day event, where inventions of the institute’s scholars were demonstrated. Secretary of the institute B.Batgerel said, “Our institute develops not only basic and applied research on physics and technology. It is an independent research center that utilizes scientific achievements for the country’s development. The institute does various applied research that are of significance to the people and country, such as monitoring the pollution in the environment and converting solar energy into electricity and heat.”

About an electric heater Doctor O.Bukhtsooj said, “To decrease air pollution, we are filling a normal heater with liquid. As it is not required to be connected to the plumbing system, it’s low cost to set it up. When it’s used for 24 hours every day for a whole month, the electricity bill will be MNT 57,600.”


The scientists gave lectures on ‘Origins of elements’ and ‘Monte Carlo method and its usage’ for university students.