Irkutsk region supplies USD 31 million products to Mongolia

2018-11-20 11:34:39

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Irkustsk Oblast of the Russian Federation supplied products worth of USD 31 million to Mongolia last year, augmenting its export by 8 percent, reported by V.O.Kozin, representative of the Agricultural Ministry of the region. “Mongolia is the main partner of Irkutsk region and the country makes up 68 percent of export of the region”, he added.

Regarding with ‘Asian Door 2018’ international fair (Ворота в Азию) to be opened today, November 20, industry, trade representatives at the Embassy of Russia held a press conference yesterday.  


To be hosted for the 29th time in Mongolia, the Asian Door 2018 fair will be held by Irkutsk Oblast, being participated by business delegates from 5 districts led by Minister of Agriculture of  Irkutsk Oblast. "More than 850 Russian companies and entities attended the expo in the past, of which over 20 percent started operating in Mongolia," said A.Sidorov, Director of Business Contact Company of Russia. He also cited Mongolian companies are collaborating with Irkutsk region by exporting foodstuff such as beer, sausage, and frozen buuz.


In addition, at the bilateral business meetings to be held during the expo, the sides will touch upon encountering problems.