New kindergarten opens at Ulaanchuluut disposal site

2019-01-22 18:34:38

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ To provide comfortable learning environment for children living at Ulaanchuluut disposal site, Children of the Sun-2 kindergarten, which was co-established by Nyambaatar Foundation and Veloo Foundation, was opened on January 21.  


The kindergarten has a capacity to receive 150-200 children. Children of the Sun-1 kindergarten locates in northeast part of the Ulaanchuluut disposal site, which has length of 8 km. Therefore, the second kindergarten is dedicated to the children living in western part of the site.

More than 400 people work and live at the Ulaanchuluut disposal site and some 200 children did not have access to kindergarten. 

USD 1.2 billion spent on construction of the kindergarten, collected with support of foreign and domestic donor organizations and individuals.


Apart from educating children, the Children of the Sun-1, 2 kindergartens are providing some parents with jobs by employing them as cook, assistant and fireman.