Child-friendly school environment created in Bayankhangai soum

2019-04-15 15:01:53

Tuv /MONTSAME/ The Parent-Teacher Association of Mongolia and Padem International Organization have jointly implemented a project ‘Access to sanitation and hygiene in a rural school and dormitory’ in Bayankhangai soum of Tuv aimag, with participation of local authorities, the school staff and parents.

Within the project, four toilets rooms were reconstructed in the school building and two toilet rooms and two shower rooms in the dormitory as well as eco-friendly sanitation facility was installed. Local administration of Bayankhangai soum financed some 10 percent of the project and Foundation Abbe Pierre, Water Urgency and other organizations covered the remaining part of the funding.

“We are happy with the result of our project. The project team shared knowledge gained through the implementation of the project with authorities of other schools in 27 soums of Tuv aimag. Moreover, sanitation facility, in which grey water is absorbed in soil in eco-friendly way, going through three stages, was built. It is not only environmentally friendly, but also it is economically beneficial for the school. Moreover, the project team did not want to leave disabled children behind. Therefore, toilet for children with disabilities was built in the first floor of the school,” said A.Otgonchimeg, Head of the Parent-Teacher Association. 

Technical advisor to the project Kevin Mahe said that we spent two years for the project study and one year for the project works and it completed on October 16, 2018. The project aims the other schools to have such sanitation facilities by getting ideas from the project. Furthermore, weather condition of Mongolia is very different from others. Therefore, it is necessary to consider weather condition when making any technical solutions.