KOICA representatives work in Uvs aimag

2019-04-17 15:37:04

Uvs /MONTSAME/. KOICA Mongolia Office representatives led by Resident Representative Jo Haeng-Lan had a working visit in Uvs aimag. They became acquainted with the aimag hospital, Education, Culture and Arts Department of Uvs aimag, police agency as well as the Ulaangom Polytechnic College to conduct a study on the work environment and safety of KOICA volunteers.

Aimag governor D.Batsaikhan then put some requests for revitalizing the partnership, including supplying the Ulaangom Polytechnic College with necessary equipment and training personnel as well as supporting the children’s hospital to be built in Uvs aimag with equipment and interior.

The KOICA representatives highlighted that they are willing to cooperate in inviting experts in the agriculture and sports sectors as volunteers, and investing in the health sector. They then noted that an official letter will be sent in reply to the requests.

The governing body of the aimag underlined that they will pay close attention to the work environment of the volunteers and expressed their confidence that important works would be done to develop partnership between the Republic of Korea and Uvs aimag.

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