Fossils of new genus of hadrosauroid dinosaur found in Mongolia

2019-04-22 14:30:40

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/  Skeletal remains of a new genus of hadrosauroid dinosaur, Gobihadros mongoliensis, was discovered from the Bayan Shiree Formation. In particular, a nearly complete skull and skeleton of this dinosaur, as well as extensive referred material, were unearthed at the site, according to a study released on April 17 by Doctor Kh.Tsogtbaatar, Paleontology and Geology Institute, Mongolian Academy of Sciences and his colleagues.

The newly-discovered species is related to the dinosaur family hadrosauridae from the Late Cretaceous period. The new genus doesn’t quite fit into the family anatomically but is very similar in a lot of ways.

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