‘Great Chinggis Khaan’ large scale painting on display

Art & Culture
2019-05-06 16:17:07

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Six artists of ‘Shine ugluu’ union revealed their latest work, a 150 to 1400 cm painting titled ‘Great Chinggis Khaan’ on May 4 at the MN 17 art gallery.

The painting based on The Secret History of Mongols depicts the life sequence of Chinggis Khaan beginning from his birth to last breath, including the details of establishment of Mongol Empire and its conquests. It was also based on the historical studies, ethnographic researches and archaeological findings.

One of the artists of the union N.Rinchin-Ochir noted that the 14 meters long painting is the first large scale art of this kind. We created it to remind the younger generation the strength we possess when we are together and make them proud of our world renowned leader Chinggis Khaan.

Painted with watercolor on fabric, the painting portrays the birth of Temujin, Yesukhei’s death on his way home after leaving nine-year-old Temujin at home of his future father-in-law Dai Setsen, Temujin’s encounter with his most loyal friend and ally Boorchi, proclamation of Chinggis as Great Khan of Mongol Empire, Mongol conquests and his death in 1227.

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