State Honored Athlete D.Amartuvshin and Yo.Baskhuu win bronze medals

2019-05-13 10:54:17

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The Baku Grand Slam kicked off in Baku, Azerbaijan on May 10. On the first day of the tournament, matches for the men's 60, 66 kg and women's 48 kg, 52 kg and 57 kg weight classes took place. From the seven athletes that stepped onto the mat, State Honored Athlete D.Amartuvshin and Yo.Baskhuu won bronze medals, while D.Sumiya placed 7th in her respective weight class.


In the men’s 60 kg weight class, despite winning his first two matches, D.Amartuvshin lost in his match against N.Temur of Georgia. However, as he came out victorious over Kh.Walide of France in the next match, he won the bronze medal.

As for the 66 kg weight class, Yo.Baskhuu had consecutive wins against athletes of Bulgaria, Montenegro, Brazil and Spain, leading the group. Although he faced defeat in his semi-final match against Sh.Nijat of Azerbaijan, he was able to win against A.Ibrahim of Azerbaijan, winning the bronze medal.