Mongolia's possibility to become Eurasian integrated logistics hub discussed

2019-06-20 14:29:33

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ A seminar themed ‘Logistics trend in Eurasian Continent and Role of the Mongolian Transport Sector’ took place on June 19 at Construction Development Center. The Ministry of Construction and Urban Planning organized the consultation in partnership with JICA. 

Ryuichi Shibasaki, Associate Professor at the University of Tokyo and D.Gerelnyam, Senior specialist at the Department of Policy and Planning made presentations under topics ‘Transport demand trend in Eurasian Continent and role of the Mongolian transport sector’ and ‘Changes in the road and transport sector and progress of current projects, further goals’.  

The speakers emphasized that policy-makers should understand global freight flows and lead up to development of international logistics policy in present condition of globalization of logistics market.

Associate Professor Mr. Ryuichi Shibasaki advised to pay attention on integrated Euro-Asian transport network using model of traffic flow. He suggested analyzing effects of Chinese policy on international rail transport. By doing so, regional countries will have possibilities to develop their logistics as reducing expanse of rail transport and increasing frequency of transport and transit freight.  

In his presentation, Mr. D.Gerelnyam underlined that current condition of multilateral cooperation in Eurasian economic space is creating favorable condition for Mongolia to become a stronghold for integrated transport infrastructure of Eurasian Continent. Therefore, the country should increase international transit transport through integrating and developing new international airport, transit transport facilities, railroads and highways that surround the capital city, logistics terminals as well as tourist destinations. This will influence Mongolia indirectly and it is available to become an integrated logistics system center that connect Asia and Europe.