Copies of cave paintings made for preservation of cultural heritage

2019-08-13 18:20:42

Uvs /MONTSAME/ Museum experts made copies of the cave paintings of Mojoo in Uvs aimag and filmed its surrounding paintings and monuments for documentary between August 4 and 10.

The documentation was conducted by museum specialists, preservation and restoration team of the National Center for Cultural Heritage led by the Director of the center G.Enkhbat and Director of the local museum Sh.Tsedenbal.

The experts got acquainted with the conservation and protection state of the cave paintings of Ikh sar, Bujaa, Mojoo and facility for sacrifices of the Turkic period and made copies of them. The cave paintings are documented as they get blurred due to natural factors such as sun, wind and wildlife. 

The cave paintings of Mojoo relate to the Mesolithic age, around 12000-7000 BC.