Khuvsgul Lake area to be developed as eco-tourism zone

2019-08-21 16:49:20

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. During its meeting held on August 21, the Cabinet approved a resolution to make an area around the Khuvsgul Lake an Eco-tourism region in order to safeguard the eco-system of the Lake and develop sustainable and environment-friendly tourism. The Khuvsgul Lake, containing almost 70 percent of Mongolia's fresh water, is one of the most popular tourism destinations of Mongolia and surrounded by beautiful landscapes.  

By the resolution, conducting tourism activities without water use license, contract and installed water meter as well as relevant operating licenses is now prohibited on the eco-tourism region. There are 129 individuals and entities registered for tourism operations. However, according to inspection made in 2018, there are 55 individuals and entities engaged in tourism activities with licenses and more than 160 Ger camps are operating without proper licenses.