Int’l conference on sources of Mongol studies held in Beijing

2019-11-06 13:04:40

Beijing /MONTSAME/. International academic conference on Mongolian sources in countries along the Belt and Road took place last weekend in Beijing, China, bringing together more than 80 scholars and researchers of Mongol studies from some ten countries including Mongolia, China, Russia, Poland, Hungary, USA and France. 

Among the speakers were Agnes Birtalan, International Association for Mongol Studies (IAMS) and faculty Member of the Department of Mongol and Inner Asian Studies of the Eötvös Loránd University of Hungary, S.Chuluun, Secretary General of the IAMS and Director of Institute of History and Archaeology of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, academician D,Tumurtogoo, Honorary President of the IAMS, State Prize Laureate Professor Sh.Choimaa from the National University of Mongolia and many others. 

During the opening ceremony of the conference, an event to commemorate the 80th birth anniversary of prominent scholar of Mongol studies Prof. Dr. Ch.Khishigtogtokh, and a presentation of several publications, such as a photo album of sources of Mongol studies that have been kept in countries along the Belt and Road, an academic research series of such sources and a 50-volume book of Clear Script (Tod Useg) sources of Oirat Mongols kept in territories along the Ili River were organized. 

Secretary General of the IAMS S.Chuluun said that the conference, as a platform to deliberate about the current state and future trends of historical source research, which plays an important part in Mongol studies, serves as a platform to introduce the accomplishments of a project to publish historical sources that have been preserved around the world, providing opportunities to Mongolist scholars to forward their works. “With a view to promote Mongol studies around the world, the IAMS has been organizing Asian and European regional conference every year. The first Asian conference was held in Beijing. In addition to this conference, another Asian regional conference is to be hosted in Seoul, South Korea with active participation of international scholars.”

Mongolian Specialist/Librarian in the Asian & Middle Eastern Division at the Library of Congress, Dr. M.Saruul-Erdene, Mongolian scholar who came to the conference from the USA, pointed out about the significance of the event as an opportunity to learn from each other, discuss about Mongol studies and work together on researching a large number of Mongolian sources around the world. 

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