Green Passport application to encourage eco-friendly attitudes

2019-11-25 15:22:18

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Upon the initiative of Minister of Environment and Tourism N.Tserenbat, about 120 thousand students of secondary and high schools in Mongolia have joined the ‘Green Passport’ campaign and using ‘Green Passport’ record-keeping book for environmental education.

During the ‘Paris Climate Agreement: Nationally Determined Contribution of Mongolia’ forum held on November 22, a digital version of the book ‘Green Passport’ application was launched. 

The main purpose of the Green Passport is to promote eco clubs at schools and encourage children to contribute to natural conservation and improve their habits and attitude to ‘how to live green’. The application has different contents such as water, waste, green environment, traditional methods of natural conservation and users will keep their records and use it as a tool for leading and educating others in green lifestyle and natural conservation.

Thanks to the Green Passport campaign to raise awareness on waste management, energy and water-efficient lifestyle and individual action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it is expected that Mongolia will save 44 million cubic liters of water and 324 MW energy in a year starting 2030 and plant 1.4 million trees. In addition, around 42 million tons of greenhouse gas emission will be prevented.