Workshop on green purchase takes place for specialists

2020-01-10 17:00:14

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. In aims of giving support to the economy of Asian countries, contributing to reducing poverty, developing green economy, and supporting them in their transition into a successful economy with low carbon and zero waste, the SWITCH-Asia project is being implemented by the European Union since 2007. In the framework of the project that has been implemented in 24 countries of Asia, three projects are being implemented in Mongolia with non-refundable aid.


A consultative meeting was organized between representatives of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, EU Representative’s Office, and ‘SWITCH-Asia’ project in Ulaanbaatar on June 24, 2018. During the meeting, the sides came to the decision to take various measures on supporting the development of policies on sustainable use and manufacturing, and its introduction, giving support on creating production that is energy and resource efficient with low waste and greenhouse gas emissions, and in the construction of sustainable apartments, as well as in eco innovation, sustainable purchases, and green labeling.

In its framework in aims of introducing some of the results of the study done on sustainable use and manufacturing in Mongolia, and defining the priority measures to be taken, a workshop on green purchases was organized for specialists.

25 specialists of the Government Agency for Policy Coordination on State Property, Ministry of Finance, and other ministries attended the workshop. Discussions were held on implementing the green agenda, and green purchase.

One of Mongolia’s goals in the framework of the Green Development Policy--to acquire purchases and services that are environmentally friendly, and efficient was highlighted at the workshop. No less than 20 percent of state purchases are to be green purchases.