Vision-2050 document envisions Human Development Index to reach 0.9 by 2050

2020-01-21 18:05:18

 Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/. The ‘Vision-2050’ is a policy document, which was formulated by a working group comprising of 1500 people, including scholars, experts and state secretaries of 13 ministries, heads of some government agencies, authorities of universities and representatives of non-government organizations. According to the Prime Minister's order No: 52 dated April 30, 2019, the working group analyzed development stages of the past 30 years of Mongolia and formulated the policy document that will define long and mid-term development policy until 2050. We are presenting 9 fundamental goals of the development policy in detail.  


The social development of Mongolia, which forms a democratic and humanitarian society, upholds human rights, participation, equality and values, depends on the active participation of each citizen. The issue of an active, healthy, educated and patriotic citizen is an integral part of human development. Looking back over the last 30 years, we have come to believe that government policies aimed at economic growth have mainly dominated, neglecting the quality of life, access and wealth of society.

As for 2018, population increased to 3.2 million and life expectancy reached 70.2. This figure shows that Mongolia has to put much more emphasize on Human Development as the people are the fundamentals for the development of the country.

Over the next 30 years, the policy will be aimed to enable the people to lead a healthy, happy life, obtain a quality life-long education, and an equitable access to life. In this framework, the human development long-term policy will be consisted of the following main objectives:

1.   Ensure equal access for every citizen to quality education and strengthen the system of lifelong learning through education as the basis for personal development, family life and country development.

2.    Develop a quality, accessible and effective health system and engrain a citizen with a healthy and active lifestyle.

3.    Have an active, creative citizen and family by supporting sustainable population growth.

4.    Develop a globally competitive national science and innovation system.

5.    Ensure a healthy and comfortable living environment.

6.    Ensure the economic balance of labor, create a knowledge economy, and provide every citizen with employment and income.

7.   - Protect the Mongolian genealogy, strengthen its capacity to prevent risks, and support the development of the Mongolian people.

Each objective will be carried out in three periods: 2020-2030, 2031-2040 and 2041-2050

As a result of the long-term development policy, it is expected that the country’s Human Development Index will reach 0.9 by 2050.