Artist T.Battogtokh opens scapula carving exhibition

Art & Culture
2020-01-22 13:16:48

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/. Artist T.Battogtokh, who is well-known with his bone carvings, opened his exhibition named ‘Symphony of scapulas’ at Khan Gallery yesterday.

Artist T.Battogtokh has been doing carvings on animal shoulder blade bone (scapula) for over 20 years. The exhibition is featured with a 2.45-meter giant carved wood work named ‘Ocean’, showing characteristics of scapula. Inspired by legends about scapula, he made this creation by embossing a ten thousand brass moulds, which make it look like a knight in armor.  

In the exhibition, he also presents his work ‘Urug /Board/’ that combined modern art with ancient mythological art. Taking an idea from Mongolians’ ancient tradition of divination with scapula, artist T.Battogtokh made this work by painting the animal’s scapulas with the color of eternal blue sky.

The exhibition is open until January 28 at Khan Gallery.