Vision-2050 Policy Document targets peaceful and secure society

2020-01-28 18:33:02

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The ‘Vision-2050’ is a policy document, which was formulated by a working group comprising of 1500 people, including scholars, experts and state secretaries of 13 ministries, heads of some government agencies, authorities of universities and representatives of non-government organizations. According to the Prime Minister's order No: 52 dated April 30, 2019, the working group analyzed development stages of the past 30 years of Mongolia and formulated the policy document that will define long and mid-term development policy until 2050. We are presenting 9 fundamental goals of the development policy in detail.


The peace and security of the country are no longer limited within the neighboring countries and the region in which they live, but they continue to depend on changing globalization, integration and global security. In recent years, the world powers and influential nations have been seeking sanctions against each other and expanding their influence, as well as terrorist attacks, illicit drugs and weapons trafficking by non-country subjects have been increasing year by year.


It is essential to strengthen the capacity of law enforcement agencies, ensure security of the territory and develop bilateral and multilateral cooperation between the countries in order to prevent and control not only domestic threats but also any possible transnational threats.

The efforts of international organizations, including the United Nations, have increased to maintain coordination and stabilization of the crisis and ensure security in any hot spot and the contribution of the "blue helmets" to this process has been enhanced. The effectiveness of diplomatic methods of prevention has been greatly increased, and the role of the "military" in it has increased significantly.

It is also important to invest in disaster reduction and resilience, to provide early warning information and preparedness for each type of threat, to strengthen disaster recovery and recovery efforts to reduce disaster risks and resolve existing problems.


It has therefore set the goal of strengthening the nation's defense capacity, ensuring human and social security through maintaining human rights and freedoms, social order and the security of its citizens' habitat, and reducing disaster risks.


This goal comprises of the following objectives and each objective will be carried out in three stages in the periods: 2020-2030, 2031-2040 and 2041-2050.


  1. Strengthen the country’s defense system and its capabilities.
  2. Ensure territorial integrity and the border security and improve its border protection capacity.
  3. Intensify non-traditional risk reduction, risk prevention and suppression capabilities, and strengthen peaceful environment for the citizens.
  4. Improve legal environment for the law enforcement sector, support development, improve working conditions, and prepare competitive human resources.
  5. Ensure the integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of government, public and private information and create competitiveness.