Vision 2050 aims to develop people-centered and smart city

2020-01-31 18:21:47


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The ‘Vision-2050’ is a policy document, which was formulated by a working group comprising of 1500 people, including scholars, experts and state secretaries of 13 ministries, heads of some government agencies, authorities of universities and representatives of non-government organizations. According to the Prime Minister's order No: 52 dated April 30, 2019, the working group analyzed development stages of the past 30 years of Mongolia and formulated the policy document that will define long and mid-term development policy until 2050. We are presenting 9 fundamental goals of the development policy in detail.  


Although the capital city Ulaanbaatar takes up 0.3 percent of the territory of Mongolia, 45 percent of the total population is residing here. Due to over-centralization of population, number of issues including air pollution, environmental pollution, traffic jam and inaccessibility of engineering infrastructure have been arising.


Therefore, there is necessity to plan its development policy issues in short-, mid- and long-terms, based on current condition of urban development, social and economic growth, scientific and technological advancements, possible changes as well as future trend of urbanization.

‘Vision-2050’, ‘Mongolia’s long-term policy document targets to take following biggest measures in aims of developing Ulaanbaatar city and satellite cities and solving encountering problems. It includes:

• To implement people-centered development policy, ensure equal participation of every citizen and increase jobs through encouraging businesses with state policy

• To have an integrated standard of the city and create safe and favorable living, working, learning and traveling conditions for the citizens

• To eliminate air, soil and environmental pollution by introducing eco-friendly advanced technologies

• To develop and carry out proper science-based policies on urban planning that reflects modern solutions and right budget estimate

• To decentralize population in Ulaanbaatar city in ways of diversifying and developing satellite and neighboring cities and villages in directions of trade, service, culture, education, agriculture, food and light industry, transport and logistics and tourism and increasing work places

• To create various and smart public transport network and make Ulaanbaatar city free of traffic jam by introducing passenger transport that connects Ulaanbaatar city with satellite cities and high speed transport that links the city with regions

• To establish new city centers, sub centers, diversified centers and public centers that are provided with cultural, educational and trade services, apartments and social infrastructure and create multi-centered urban system

On the basis of implementation of aforementioned measures, Ulaanbaatar city will be developed as an environmentally friendly, people-centered and smart city that is comfortable to live, by 2050.