Mongolian citizens abroad called on to stay in the countries

2020-03-16 18:35:03

During a press briefing of the operative team of the State Emergency Commission, Chief of the National Emergency Management Agency, Major-General T.Badral notified that decision has been made not to receive foreign nationals in Mongolia. However, the decision will not belong to coal truck drivers from the Russian Federation.


He said “The novel coronavirus infections have been recorded in 155 countries of the world with over 150 thousand confirmed cases and over 6500 deaths. The World Health Organization announced that Europe has now become the epicenter of the pandemic. The Government of Mongolia and the State Emergency Commission have taken the same measures as all other countries. It is getting more risky for the country to receive flights further. Because there were citizens who shown symptoms of the infection among the evacuees carried on the charter flights from overseas countries and they are held in isolation in the National Center for Communicable Disease. Since repatriation of its citizens repeatedly increases risk, maybe there will be no way other than restricting this movement further. Therefore, we are calling on our citizens to be halted in the countries they are residing or staying and stay healthy in order to ensure security of the country.

Some 800 citizens are returning to their home country on three charter flights. Furthermore, a charter plane has taken off from Japan this morning at 09:00 am and it will land at 20:25 at the Chinggis Khaan International Airport.

Another charter plane of the MIAT Mongolian Airlines is to take off from Istanbul on March 18 to carry citizens who made requests to arrive their home country.


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