Construction of 30.5km Darkhan-Tsaidam road begins

2020-04-06 16:26:45

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/. Construction work for the 5th part of Darkhan-Ulaanbaatar auto road or a 30.5 km auto road between Darkhan city and Tsaidam of Khongor soum commenced on April 4.

The road construction work is being executed by a Chinese company as a general contractor, along with Mongolian four sub-contractor companies.  

Before the commencement of construction work, the general contractor provided temporary road maintenance, which made the traffic movement available.  

Within the construction work, works including construction of dams and concrete base and compaction of over 30 concrete pipes and flood dams will be conducted in the first turn. Asphalt pavement of the road will be made in June, 2020.