"Mongolia ranks 2nd in percentage of population repatriated from abroad"

2020-05-27 12:49:19

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The operative team of the State Emergency Commission reports that a total of 8,498 citizens have returned from 30 countries since the state of readiness was raised, restrictions were imposed on border movement, and commercial flights were stopped amid concerns over the coronavirus outbreak. Among them, 3,488 passengers have been brought on 18 flights chartered by the government, while 5,010 people have returned through auto road and railway checkpoints. Over 900 officers of professional organizations were also involved in organizing the operations. “Mongolia is currently ranked second behind Germany in terms of the percentage of its nationals repatriated from abroad compared to the entire population,” according to the SEC. It says Germany has repatriated around 240,000 of its people from foreign countries, which is 0.28 percent of its population. Mongolia has brought back around 0.27 percent of its population from abroad, almost the same as Germany. The list of countries that brought the highest percentage of population from abroad to the home country continues with France, Russia, Turkey, Australia, South Korea, UK, USA, Pakistan, Canada, Japan and India with the percentage of people repatriated in each of their population ranging between 0.001% to 0.22%, reports the SEC. Mongolia's repatriation campaign due to COVID-19 restrictions was launched on February 3, from Wuhan, China, when 31 Mongolians arrived home on the MIAT Mongolian Airlines-operated charter flight. Currently, some 11,275 Mongolians stuck abroad have submitted their requests to return home from 46 countries. In the coming few days, around 560 Mongolians are expected to enter the country from Russia in an organized manner and will be put under 21-day hospital isolation and further 14-day home isolation. Moreover, talks are underway with the Chinese side to bring 164 Mongolians from China across the Zamyn-Uud border checkpoint. 

As of May 26, 1,248 citizens were under precautionary and mandatory isolation, with 790 people placed at isolation facilities in the capital city, and 480 citizens at isolation facilities throughout the country.