Newly-elected MPs get involved in training

2020-06-30 14:52:31

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Yesterday, June 29, the Office of the Parliament conducted the first-ever training to the newly elected Members of the Parliament (MPs) at the State House.

Opening the training, Secretary General of the Office of the Parliament L.Ulziisaikhan said "A Parliamentary Strategic Plan was revised within term of office of the seventh Parliament of 2016-2020. The plan outlined to respect the Constitution of Mongolia, democratic value, human rights, common values and national interest, to promote sustainable development and to develop parliament that satisfies people’s right to govern. In addition, the Office of the Parliament has a new Strategic Plan and a Parliamentary Research Institute was set up in its structure. Organizing training and seminars on the matters of Mongolia’s domestic and foreign policies and socio-economic development dedicating to the MPs in partnership with corresponding organizations, scholars and researchers has been reflected in these documents. One of the main directions and duties of the Parliamentary Research Institute is to conduct an orientation training to the newly-elected MPs, their advisors, assistants, envoys and to provide legislative body with science-based studies and analysis.

32 MPs out of the 76 members have been elected to the Parliament for the first time while there are 44 members who elected twice and over.