Electric double-decker bus put into public transport service

2020-07-01 15:04:45

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Pure electric double-decker bus with 70 seats starts to provide public transport service in Ulaanbaatar  from today, July 1, and nine more such buses and 36 electric single-decker buses will be put into service within this month.

The electric buses can travel 400 km or for two days after each charge at MNT 35,000, while the regular buses currently in service in the capital city use fuel worth MNT 360,000 per 400 km.

Chair of the Citizens’ Representative KHural (city council) of the capital city R.Dagva said “Various projects are being carried out to improve public transport service in Ulaanbaatar and one of them is the introduction of electric buses, especially the double-decker ones. The electric public transport vehicles are expected to pay back their investment within 6 years into service and make profits in the following 6 years,”

Over 1,200 buses at present provide public transport service in Ulaanbaatar, of which more than 70 percent are old.