Program of events for National Naadam Festival 2020

Art & Culture
2020-07-09 16:02:31

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Complete list of activities of the National Naadam Holiday on the occasion of the 2229th anniversary of Foundation of the first Mongolian Statehood, 814th anniversary of the Great Mongol Empire and 99th anniversary of People’s Revolution of Mongolia.


All the program of events will be live streamed through all television channels


Thursday, July 9

:40: A ceremony for the Nine White Banners at the State House and on the central square


Friday, July 10


07.00-11.00: Four-year-old horse (Khyazaalan) race at Khui Doloon Khudag

08.00-22.00: Knucklebone shooting tournament, at knucklebone shooting field at the central field of the Naadam Festival
:00-19:00 Uriankhai Archery at archery field

09:00-19:00 Buryat Archery at archery field

09:00 A ceremony for raising the State Flag on the central square
12.00-13.00: Opening ceremony of Uriankhai and Buryat Archery games at archery field

12.00-14.30 Half-bred horses’ race at Khui Doloon Khudag

15.00-18:00: Three-year-old horse (Shudlen) race at Khui Doloon Khudag

19:00-21.00: State Grand Honoring Concert


Saturday, July 11


07.00-11.00: Stallion horse race, at Khui Doloon Khudag
Knucklebone shooting tournament at knucklebone shooting field

08:30-12:00 First matches of National Khana Archery tournament
President of Mongolia officially opens Naadam Festival and pay respect to the Great White Banners, at the central field of the Naadam Festival
11.10: Grand Opening of the National Holiday-Naadam Festival

11.40-12.40: Official opening of knucklebone shooting, at knucklebone shooting field

11.50-15.00: Wrestling tournament, round 1, at the central field of the Naadam Festival      

12:00-13:00: Opening of National Archery, at archery field

12:00-15:00: Above five-year-old horse (Ikh nas) race at Khui Doloon Khudag
:00-16:00: Middle stage of National Khana Archery Tournament

13:00-20:00: Semi-final tournament of knucklebone shooting

15.20-18.00: Wrestling tournament, round 2

16:00-19:00 Half-bred horses’ race

16:00-17:30 Final matches of National Khana Archery tournament at archery field                                                          17.30-20.30: First matches of National Khasaa Archery tournament at archery field                                    

21.00:24:00 ‘Ulaanbaatar Night’ virtual cultural performance

23.00: Firework displays for Naadam Festival on central square as well as near Bayankhoshuu, Maakhuur Tolgoi and Dambadarjaa in Ulaanbaatar City


Sunday, July 12


07.00-11:00: Five-year-old horse (Soyolon) race, at Khui Doloon khudag
08.00-13.00: Matches of top eight teams of knucklebone shooting at knucklebone shooting field

09:00-12:00:Middle stage of National Khasaa Archery
09.00-11.00: Wrestling tournament, round 3
11.20-12.40: Wrestling tournament, round 4

12:00-14:00 Colt race at Khui Doloon Khudag

12.00-13.30: Final tournament of National Khasaa Archery, at archery field

13.30-14.10: Wrestling tournament, round 5

14.00-14.30: Prize-giving ceremony for winners of knucklebone shooting at knucklebone shooting field
14.00-15.30: Sixteen best archers’ archery show at archery field
:00: Wrestling tournament, round 6

15.00-15.30: President of Mongolia awards prizes, titles and medals to winners of archery and knucklebone shooting tournaments at archery field

15:00-16:30: Half-bred horses’ race  

15.30-16.10: Wrestling tournament, round 7

17.00-19.00: Praise-singing for winning horses. President of Mongolia presents gifts to jockey children at Khui Doloon Khudag
17.20-17.50: President of Mongolia presents certificates and medals to wrestlers with the newly-granted State Nachin (State Falcon) and State Khartsaga (State Hawk) wrestling title
17.50-18.30: Wrestling tournament, round 8
19.00-19.20: President presents certificates and medals to wrestlers with the newly granted State Zaan (State Elephant) title
17.50-18.30: Wrestling tournament, round 9
:30-19.00: President presents title, certificates and medals to the winner and runner-ups of the National Wrestling Tournament
19:00: President officially closes Naadam Festival
19.10: Closing ceremony and Parade of Great White Banners back to the State House  




Union of Mongolian Photographers

July 09-13

“Mongolian Pride” photo exhibition


Art Gallery of Union of Mongolian Artists                                                                                                   

July 10-15                              

09.00-16.00 ‘Beautiful Mongolia’ painting exhibition


National Museum of Mongolia

July 10-15

09:00-16:30 “Three Manly Games” exhibition


Bogd Khan Palace Museum

July 11-15

09.00-18.00 Exhibition of best works from the museums’ treasury fund

Choijin Lama Temple Museum 

July 10-15 

09:00:17:00 Exhibition of best works from the museums’ treasury fund


National Art Gallery of Mongolia

July 11-15

09:00-17:00 Exhibitions entitled “Posters tell history”

“The Nature of the City”

“Mongolian painting on mode of life”

“Precious artworks”

'Freedom of Thought”

“Mongolian socialist-realist fine arts”

Ulaanbaatar City Museum

July 11-15

09:00-18:00 Exhibition of best works from the museums’ treasury fund

Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts 

July 10-15

10.00-17.00 To present a photo and film named “One Day of Mongolia”

Virtual museum tour


Mongolian Art Gallery

July 10-15

10:00-15:00 Best works of Mongolian renowned senior painters

“Mongol art market” fair for promotion of young artists

An exhibition by painter Ch.Boldbaatar


State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet

July 10-15 

"Three Dramatic Characters" concert

“Best of Classics”