‘Strong Girls - Strong Nation’ program against gender-based violence underway

2020-08-13 12:52:39

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The Authority for Family, Child and Youth Development and ‘Beautiful Hearts’ NGO are jointly implementing ‘Strong Girls - Strong Nation’ program with a view to take preventive measures against all forms of sexual violence, and empower children, teenagers, and young women.


Within its framework, over 30 peer instructors have been prepared in Ulaanbaatar city and 10 aimags throughout the country, and animated videos and a smartphone application have been developed on the issue of gender-based violence.

Concerning gender-based violence, three animated videos have been produced for children, which reached over 550,000 people so far.

As for the application, it offers the users to acquire a thorough understanding of the issue as a preventative measure. The application is available for download in Mongolian on both iOS and Android.