Waste to be recycled after compaction in Khovd aimag

2020-09-07 15:54:42

Khovd /MONTSAME/ This year, relevant bodies in Khovd aimag have been clearing litters, depositing all waste at one site, and setting up source separation facilities. Now, there are plans to put a waste compactor with an hourly capacity of 500 kg plastic and metal waste in the aimag's Jargalant soum.

In connection with the plan to introduce the compactor being provided from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism as part of the ‘Waste-free Mongolia’ campaign, ‘Setting up recyclable sorting facilities and Supporting proper waste management’ training session was organized by the Environment Ministry, Caritas Czech Republic international organization, and Mon Plastic LLC.

The training involved over 60 participants including officials of the local department for environment, school eco club teachers and social workers, and environment control inspectors of soums.

During the event, lecturer of the Mongolian University of Science and Technology D.Sunjidmaa pointed out the feasibility of making fertilizers from watermelon peels and vegetable waste generated at marketplaces. The organizers of the training also noted there are numerous other ways to turn waste into wealth.

The participants exchanged information on construction waste separation and recycling management and introduction of green practices in the industry.

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