Meeting held with Secretary General of International Transport Forum

2020-09-24 15:34:18

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/. Mongolia became a member of the International Transport Forum (ITF) of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) on July 31 of this year. In connection with it, Charge d’Affaires of Mongolia to the French Republic B. Bilegzaya met with the Secretary General of the ITF Young Tae Kim and exchanged views on future cooperation on September 22.

The International Transport Forum at the OECD works for taking measures for the optimal development of land transport at the international and regional levels, supporting and coordinating the activities of international organizations related to transport activities, ensuring integration and cooperation between organizations operating in this sector. The ITF has 62 member countries.

Mongolia's accession to the ITF will not only reduce barriers in transit transport but also provide an opportunity to address issues at the international level in cooperation with the transport ministers.

At the meeting, Mr. Young Tae Kim said he hopes that as a landlocked country, Mongolia's accession to the ITF would create opportunities for expansion of its cooperation in the road and transport sector. He also asked for the participation of Mongolia’s representative from the Ministry of Road and Transport Development to present the country’s road and transport policy and development at the virtual meeting of ITF Transport Management Board to be held on October 29-30.

The ITF holds its annual Forum in Leipzig, Germany, with the attendance of transport ministers from member countries and representatives of world-class companies. This year’s forum has been canceled due to the COVID-19. ITF Secretary-General Young Tae Kim said that it intends to have a ceremonial event with the participation of new member countries Mongolia and Uzbekistan, during the next year’s forum.