MPs of Asia-Pacific region convene on ‘Investing in Universal Health Coverage for the Future’

2020-09-30 16:16:30

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. On September 28, the Asia-Pacific Parliamentarian Forum on Global Health: Ad-hoc virtual meeting on ‘Investing in Universal Health Coverage for the Future’ took place, gathering MPs of countries in the Asia and Pacific region. 

In connection with the potential risk for disruption in some healthcare services, and especially in the primary level in not only the region but also throughout the world, parliamentarians in Asia and the Pacific region convened to introduce the current operations being conducted by their national legislature in aims of continuously working towards achieving the objective of providing universal healthcare and exchanged information about their practices. MPs D.Sarangerel and J.Chinburen participated as representatives of Mongolia in the meeting, in which MPs of over 20 countries participated. 

At the virtual meeting, MP D.Sarangerel did a presentation on the topic, ‘The practices of Mongolia against the COVID-19 infection and universal health coverage’. During her presentation, she introduced the cautionary measures taken in the healthcare sector regarding the pandemic as well as the comprehensive measures approved by the parliament and implemented by the government in aims of overcoming the negative impact of the pandemic on the country’s socio-economic situation, including the government’s decision to make amendments to the state budget, and measures regarding the protection of public health and supporting operations of entities. 

MP J.Chinburen gave remarks during the meeting’s open discussion. In his remarks, he highlighted the difficulties in providing primary level healthcare services, especially emergency services due to the population being spread throughout the country despite having a comparatively good healthcare system. In correlation with the matter, the Government has reflected the issue of providing universal healthcare for the citizens in its action plan for 2020-2024, with full intent on fully implementing the planned measures, he reported.