Mongolian People’s Party briefs on preliminary results of local council elections

2020-10-16 15:58:19

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Some officials from the Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) today gave a press briefing on the preliminary results of 2020 elections of Mongolia’s Citizens’ Representative Khurals (local councils) of aimags, capital city, soums and districts. 

The Mongolian People’s Party reported that it has gained 34 seats out of 45 seats in the Ulaanbaatar city’s Representative Khural, and also gained majority in local councils in 13 aimags out of 21 aimags, 8 districts out of total 9 districts of Ulaanbaatar city, and 185 soums out of 330 soums nationwide. 

Thanking on behalf of the all members of the MPP to voters who voted in favor of the MPP candidates in the elections, General Secretary of the MPP D.Amarbayasgalan vowed to exert all their efforts to repay trust of the voters. 

Nationwide polls for the elections to the Citizens’ Representative Khurals were organized yesterday, October 15, across the country. 

According to available preliminary results of local council elections in Ulaanbaatar city, out of 291 mandates for the Citizens’ Representative Khurals of 9 districts of the capital city, and 201 mandates went to the representatives from the Mongolian People’s Party, 75 seats to the Democratic Party representatives, 10 seats to the National Labor Party, one seat to the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party, one seat to Mongolian Green Party candidate and one seat to an independent candidate. 

As of 45 seats of the Citizens’ Representative Khural of Ulaanbaatar city, candidates of the Mongolian People’s Party gained majority by winning 34 seats, Democratic Party won 8 seats and Mongolian Labor Party 3 seats. 

17,149 candidates of 9 political parties and coalitions and independents ran for the local elections for 8,169 seats in total nationwide.